Postpone the Premier League match for Covid-19

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The match between Aston Villa and Newcastle in the 11th round of the Premier League, set to take place on 4 December, has been postponed due to the fact that many visitors are afflicted with nCoV.  According to the Newcastle Club article of 1 December, this squad has several promising cases for nCoV. The final number is not yet statistical […]

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s memorable year

cristiano ronaldo khoe vo dich co the thi dau dinh cao den nam 41 tuoi 900x280 - Cristiano Ronaldo's memorable year

Since beating the French team in Lisbon, the Portuguese team formally became the former King of the League of Nations.  In terms of success, Ronaldo already has the honor of Scudetto with Juventus to prevent empty-handedness. However the title that Old man has dominated for many years cannot mask the fact that 2020 is a failed year for the Portuguese […]

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Why is New Zealand home to extreme sport?

screen 0 900x280 - Why is New Zealand home to extreme sport?

On the day of June 1987, A.J. Hackett lowered himself from the Eiffel Tower, attached to his body only by an elastic rope, and those longing for a feeling of fun across the globe started to fall in love with bungee jumping.  The quick leap of Kiwi (New Zealand ‘s international nickname) cemented New Zealand ‘s status as the birthplace […]

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