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Our founder Charlie Lord has been a real sportsman since always. In his high school years, he was captain of the school rugby team. When he got to college, he followed his passion for sports by specializing in sports journalism.

While finishing his studies, he managed to participate in several sports events. He won a marathon. Besides, he came in third place in a climbing competition and participated in several swimming competitions. Charlie Lord was a true sports enthusiast.

This also allowed him to travel around the world. In this way, he was able to experience sports in the same way other cultures do.

This experience changed his life. Charlie Lord wanted to dedicate himself to inspiring others to lead a good life. A life based on good nutrition, exercise, and meditation.

He managed to write articles for some of New Zealand’s top sports magazines. He was interviewed on several national channels and collaborated with sports brands in the country.

Charlie Lord built up an extensive career in sports journalism and a healthy life in and around his country.

However, his passion didn’t stop there. He decided to establish The Festival, an online collaborative magazine, with a group of friends and fans of sport and the good life. In this magazine, the public will be able to enjoy everything related to this subject. Articles, reviews, chronicles. Interviews with great figures and sports personalities.

Stories never before told of extreme athletes living adventures. Articles about the best supplements and equipment for different sports. The sports news of the moment and all the events that are taking place. A magazine to share all this with people from New Zealand and around the world.

If you’re a sports lover like us, welcome to The Festival. This online magazine will share with you everything you want to know about sports and the good life that no one else has told you.