Cristiano Ronaldo’s memorable year

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Since beating the French team in Lisbon, the Portuguese team formally became the former King of the League of Nations. 

In terms of success, Ronaldo already has the honor of Scudetto with Juventus to prevent empty-handedness. However the title that Old man has dominated for many years cannot mask the fact that 2020 is a failed year for the Portuguese superstar. 

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Ronaldo began the year 2020 with a run of score and an upbeat spirit

However after the disease had hit and soccer had to be suspended, the 35-year-old striker was unable to recover his best form.

In the Champions League, the tournament where the Bianconeri concentrated all their efforts, CR7 and his teammates dropped in front of Lyon, an adversary that was not respected. Achieving elimination in round 16 is clearly difficult to reach the standards of the NHM for the Turin team and the Portuguese superstar himself. 

In the Coppa Italia unit, then led by coach Maurizio Sarri, AC Milan was almost eliminated in the semifinals after Ronaldo missed the penalty. However after trying to Juve, they also collapsed in the final match against Napoli. 

Not stopping there as soon as Ronaldo was desperate to fix Juve’s error, the 35-year-old striker was afflicted with Covid-19. This forced the former MU player to miss the first two games of the Juventus Champions League, including Messi’s loss.

And then in the colors of the Portuguese squad, Ronaldo and his teammates had to stop at the Nations League stage. While Juventus No. 7 could not save the home team from defeating France from the outset. 

The tumultuous year 2020 is about to come to an end, and those few days can’t motivate Ronaldo to do something too special. Without a doubt, 2020 is an exciting year for the captain of Portugal.