Four intense sports are born in New Zealand

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The beautiful natural scenery makes New Zealand a very exciting land for extreme sports. Here are four extreme sports that have been invented in New Zealand.


Bungy hop was invented by AJ Hackett in 1986. The sport then took a massive leap forward for the adventure travel industry in New Zealand. Bungy jumping is also the most common adventure sport in New Zealand after the All Blacks. Bungy jumping was introduced two years later when he began charging courageous visitors to try the sport.


tai xuong - Four intense sports are born in New Zealand

Zorbing is adding joy to the players

You’ll be shocked to hear that the iconic Zorbing rollerball adventure sport was born in New Zealand. Zorbing was invented in 1994 by David & Andrew Akers. 

You need a lot of confidence to play this sport. You’ll be inserted into a translucent ball and pushed down the hill. It’s considered a fairly healthy sport, but the player can travel at speeds of up to 50 km / h.

The Guinness record for rolling the farthest zorbing ball belongs to the 570 m Steve Camp. The individual keeping the record for driving the fastest zorbing ball is Keith Kovler as he has hit a speed of 52 km / h.

Jet Riding 

Like Bungee Jumping, Queenstown is home to a jet-wrapping adventure sport. The rapids of the fast-flowing Shotover River contribute to the thrill of the ride as the jet boat glides through deeper water up to 10 cm at 85 km / h, performing a 360-degree spin and flying through the images. The short wall of the canyon.

Moving with a cord 

Are you able to fly with a rope? This is absolutely feasible in New Zealand. Hanging from a steel cable bolted to either side of the gorge, your rope ride can take six minutes to achieve speeds of more than 100m / p.