Postpone the Premier League match for Covid-19

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The match between Aston Villa and Newcastle in the 11th round of the Premier League, set to take place on 4 December, has been postponed due to the fact that many visitors are afflicted with nCoV. 

According to the Newcastle Club article of 1 December, this squad has several promising cases for nCoV. The final number is not yet statistical because the research samples are already waiting for the results. Newcastle had recently closed the training ground when it had five nCoV members, including four players and one staff member. 

The Premier League organization announced on December 1, “Aston Villa – Newcastle match is moved to another time because many Newcastle players are infected with the nCoV” “The decision was made with the consent of the two clubs, the parties involved as well as the tournament’s medical advisor. We put everyone’s health a priority, including the players and staff. , to the top. The time of the match will be announced soon “

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Many Newcastle players and employees are quarantined at home to ensure security, according to coach Steve Bruce

“This is a problem of concern and very difficult to control,” said Express, the 59-year-old military leader. 

Newcastle became the first Premier League side to close their training ground after the Covid-19 translation broke out in March. They are deemed to meet well with the UK government’s standards for disease prevention. Newcastle is consulting with the Public Health Department of the British Northeast (PHE) to find a settlement in the coming days. “We will check on all club members this week before meeting with the Premier League organizers and PHE to assess the situation,” the Newcastle announcement read. 

Newcastle will almost definitely not be able to play in the next two weeks against West Brom and Leeds in the event that there are many players with nCoV infection and 14-day mandatory isolation.