Real Madrid had the wrong news: Valverde fractured his leg

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Disaster struck Real Madrid in a row. Not just a shameful loss against Valencia, they still fear missing Federico Valverde for a long time. In the 9th round of La Liga 2020/21, Real Madrid unexpectedly earned a 1-4 loss on the Valencia ground. Of course, this loss has a big part of the fault of the Actual Defenders because all four of their defenders have made mistakes. Vazquez and Ramos left the ball in the penalty area, Marcelo made an error contributing to 3 pens and Varane’s own goal at the end of the first half. But it has to be added that True was too unfortunate. They had to earn up to 3 penalties and 1 extra was due to a goal of their own.

Valverde played 76 minutes in Real’s 1-4 loss to Valencia before being substituted by Toni Kroos. Real fans actually didn’t expect the Uruguayan middlemen to have such a bad injury after the club’s official statement:

“The Real Madrid medical team stated after the scans were completed that Federico Valverde had a back tibial fracture in his right leg. His healing will be assessed.”

For these kinds of injuries, it’s normal for a player to be on the pitch for 6-8 weeks. In the case of a player as young as 22 years of age and physically solid as Valverde, the time could be shorter. Naturally, Valverde will not be able to represent Uruguay in two matches against Colombia and Brazil in the forthcoming 2022 World Cup qualifier.

Valverde is at the moment the most trusted camper of Zinedine Zidane at Real. At the start of the season, Valverde has scored 3 goals in 11 games in all competitions and won the main kick, not Kroos or Luka Modrid.

The wellbeing of Valverde has already made Real a headache even more. Karim Benzema has sustained a hamstring injury in the match against Valencia. Although Eden Hazard and Casemiro are in the middle of the battle against Covid 19. 


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Luckily for Real, the break to reflect on the national team came at the right time

Real will have almost two more weeks to prepare for the match against Villarreal in La Liga on 21 November, followed by a fierce match against Inter Milan in the Champions League.