Required rules for the 2021 Australian Open

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Many people hoped that next year’s Australian Open will be a competition that represents a return to the usual state of the Grand Slam tournament. Despite Australia’s strong management of the disease, with an average number of new COVID-19 infections under 10 in the last week, the government also needs to maintain a tight international tourist control program. 

It is not easy for players to attend the Australian Open to make an exception, since most of them come from the US and Europe, which is already perceived to be the subject of the pandemic so far. 

The change to the Australian Open schedule next year is doubtful. Initially, the decision to host the 2021 tournament suggested that it would encourage players to arrive in Australia as early as mid-month to guarantee that they had two weeks of mandatory quarantine while also guaranteeing more. 

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Two weeks of preparation and participation in warm-up tournaments in advance of the Australian Open

Then steady moves from the Australian government to tighten up foreign tourists before December put players at risk of playing the Australian Open only four days after the quarantine was over.

Playing in those circumstances presents so great a danger to the welfare of players, there is no slight risk of withdrawal. Postponing the Australian Open kick-off date to Feb. 8, players can schedule their first tournament of the year with the following bullet points: departing on dedicated trips to Melbourne in mid-January, proceeding Required isolation at allocated hotels in Melbourne, away from residential areas.

During the quarantine time, players are already practiced in Melbourne Park and another training centre, but must comply with stringent prevention legislation as well as undergo a series of compulsory checks in Australia during the first two weeks.

The Australian Open also provides hopes for the renaissance of world tennis, which plunged to a frozen condition almost halfway through the year 2020 before being rescued in the second half of the year.