Looking forward to Roger Federer’s return

roger federer would not be in the top 50 says top coach 848x280 - Looking forward to Roger Federer's return

After a time of rest due to injury, 20 Grand Slam owner Roger Federer said he will quickly return to the top of the arena to be able to play in the Australian Open in 2021, which is set to begin on 8 February.  In 2020 Roger Federer was voted the most popular tennis player This is also the 18th […]

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Required rules for the 2021 Australian Open

Melbourne Park Australian Open general 752x428 1 752x280 - Required rules for the 2021 Australian Open

Many people hoped that next year’s Australian Open will be a competition that represents a return to the usual state of the Grand Slam tournament. Despite Australia’s strong management of the disease, with an average number of new COVID-19 infections under 10 in the last week, the government also needs to maintain a tight international tourist control program.  It is […]

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