Ten sites for water sports in New Zealand (Part 1)

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With its poetic beaches, majestic steppes and crystal blue lakes, New Zealand deserves to be a water sports paradise. Traveling to New Zealand to a nature-favoured country taking the time to experience games such as boating, water motoring, paragliding,…


There is another explanation why Queenstown is regarded as New Zealand’s “capital of adventure” because it has the most thrilling recreational events on the shore and in the sea. The best things to pursue are the Kawarau and Shotover Rivers, kayaking across Queenstown Bay and the beautiful Wakatipu Pool. In addition, if you enjoy thrills, you can ski or bungee jump to admire the view of the lake from above, over the waterfall on the white stream over the Skippers Gorge.


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Auckland is so popular as the “city of sails” where you can live the life of dream sails in gorgeous ports

With a plethora of gorgeous beaches, you can conveniently take part in nature experiences and enjoy adventure sports such as boating, diving and surfing.

Coast of Tutukaka 

The coast of Tutukaka is situated in the Northland, approximately two and a half hours from Auckland by car to the north of Auckland. A variety of water sports are available, such as fishing in the harbor and marina of Tutuka, surfing and swimming at the lovely beaches of Sandy Bay, Whale Bay and Matapouri Bay. Bad Knight Island, meanwhile, is very suitable for diving and snorkeling, discovering the paradise beneath the water. The fresh climate and several nature reserves encourage the strong growth of water sports in this region.

Taupo Lake 

If you’re hunting for a water sports paradise on the North Island, visit Lake Taupo-the biggest lake in New Zealand. You will go boating in the Huka Falls and Aratiatia Rapids, and rafting at the end of Lake Taupo near the Tongariro Dam. Other common sports include windsurfing, kayaking, swimming, paragliding and jet boating.