Ten sites for water sports in New Zealand (Part 2)

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National Park of Abel Tasman 

Abel Tasman National Park is one of New Zealand‘s most prominent national parks, situated between the Golden Bay and Tasman River in the north of South Island. Thanks to its temperate climate, which is ideal for outdoor sports all year round, it becomes a prime spot for kayaking, windsurfing, swimming and fishing. In addition, tourists can also stroll along the coast to appreciate and admire the scenery of this national park.


The popular tourist town of Rotorua has a variety of rivers and lakes where tourists can relax by taking a refreshing dip in the hot mineral pools, breathing in the sulfur-rich atmosphere and admiring the geysers. Here you can try the sensation of floating on the Kaituna Canal, sailing on Rotorua, fishing or kayaking on Rotoiti Bay. 


The coastal town of Raglan is situated in the Waikato area of North Island and is known as one of the most common windsurfing and windsurfing spots in New Zealand. Professional and amateur sportsmen frequently flock to Manu Bay and Whale Bay to surf, particularly in the summer months. In addition, Ngarunui Black Sand Beach is also well suited for diving and water sports events.


Waitomo’s famous Glowworm Cave takes you to a totally different water field. An adventure through a sequence of prominent waterfalls deep in the cave is an enjoyable memory for tourists. Firefly cave tours in Waitomo will take you through waterfalls, snorkeling, zipline and in particular, one of nature’s incredible wonders.

River Whanganui 

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Known as the longest sailing river in New Zealand, the Whanganui River is popular with canoeing and kayaking tourists

At the small tributaries, tourists can even hunt for salmon and admire the spectacular scenery by the sea. If you want to push yourself and go long distance sailing, visit the Whanganui National Park area. 


Lake Wanaka is the fourth largest lake in New Zealand by area. Wanaka has a temperate climate all year round, with the maximum temperature in summer just about 25 degrees Celsius, so water sports are common all the time. Boating clear blue water and picturesque views is the most popular choice. Alternatively, you should head to Matukituki River, Nigeria’s Gorge, Mill Creek and Leaping Burn for paragliding or windsurfing.