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Don’t miss the opportunity to read more information on these top resources. You will be able to expand your knowledge and discover new things including everything related to sport and healthy living. You will surely find more than you thought existed.


ESPN is the most reliable resource of information in the world. Here you will find the latest news on all sports.

Sports NZ

Sports NZ is a website dedicated to promoting sport and healthy living in New Zealand.

Cycling New Zealand

Cycling New Zealand is a website committed to inspiring all New Zealanders. Through lots of information, they want to inspire everyone to live a healthy life, a healthy life achieved through sport and good nutrition. You can read about community courses and public talks.

They promote cycling in New Zealand and are looking for more people to become part of their community.

Men’s and Women’s Health

These American magazines are dedicated to promoting the spirit of sports. Every month they have a physical edition. Through their websites, you can keep updated with the best information to achieve a healthy and strong life.

NZ Clubs

Clubs NZ is a non-profit association that integrates several clubs of any kind in the country. Through sports tournaments, conferences, and more, they seek to promote good habits.

Sports Illustrated

This is one of the most popular sports magazines in the world. It has over 3 million subscribers. Any sports information you are looking for, you will find it here.

Good Sport

In Good Sport, you can read many stories of overcoming obstacles. How sports changed many people’s lives in a good way. The importance of a good diet and everything your body needs to be in perfect working order.

Victory Journal

Victory Journal is one of those collector’s magazines. You will be able to see incredible photographs that capture the most decisive moments of any athlete. Sweat drops, muscle pulls, tears and victories, it’s all portrayed here.


Athleta is a magazine published in English and Italian. It has reflective photographs that channel what it considers the essence of the sport. Resistance. You will read inspiring and thoughtful stories from athletes around the world.