Why is New Zealand home to extreme sport?

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On the day of June 1987, A.J. Hackett lowered himself from the Eiffel Tower, attached to his body only by an elastic rope, and those longing for a feeling of fun across the globe started to fall in love with bungee jumping. 

The quick leap of Kiwi (New Zealand ‘s international nickname) cemented New Zealand ‘s status as the birthplace of adventure sports. In addition to bungee jumping, sports such as zorbing-the sport of rolling down a giant plastic ball-and canyon flying-are a mix of bungee jumping and zip lining (sliding on a rope down the canyon)-was born here.

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New Zealand is regarded as a birthplace for adventure sports

Why are extreme sport games available in New Zealand? Others say the Kiwis are nuts. Others claim, however, that the spread of extreme sports could be due to something less talked about: ACC.

The ACC, or Accident Compensation Company, was founded by the Government of New Zealand in 1974. Its primary objective was to administer the public accident insurance fund of the world. This fund will cover hospital costs for those injured in injuries in New Zealand. Kiwi businesses also contribute money annually to the fund (of course the fund still collects funds from other sources) with a bonus depending on the degree of risk involved in their form of company. Businesses are also expected to comply with some environmental laws and guidelines to deter injuries.

Protection concerns-in New Zealand and elsewhere-are unlikely to dampen people ‘s passion for fast-paced sports games. Adventure tourism is on the rise worldwide. According to research by Sandler Research, Adventure Travel sales hit USD 7.88 trillion in 2015. And the global adventure travel industry is projected to grow by 46% from 2016 to 2020. 

For now, perhaps thanks to ACC, it seems like the Kiwis will continue to dominate the adventure tourism market. And thrill-seekers will continue to rise. 

Danger and anticipation are part and parcel of adventure travel. Eliminate danger and anticipation, and you’re no longer getting an adventurous travel experience.